Production values matter

Sure we live in a mash up society. It’s acceptable to bootstrap. It’s OK to learn on the job in the digital arena. What’s not acceptable is to get worse. To not reach previously set quality benchmarks. In any business, no less your start up. All of the self made youtube stars invest time in the final production of their content. People expect a higher level of quality these days especially if we want to gather long term fans and loyal viewers. Production values matter. What was acceptable in 2004 in not acceptable in 2009.

The first thing you notice in the video output of these highly subscribed Youtubers is production quality: HotforwordsCommunity Channel, Kev Jumba, Happy Slip, Fred and others.

So when Miley Cyrus throws together a home made video of her leaving twitter seen below, we realize how much value her producers add to her usual output – seen underneath.

Home made Miley


Produced Miley


I myself, need to improve the videos I make for So I’ve recently been investing a lot of time learning how to use iMovie editing software.

The lesson for startups is to invest in our digital output. A little more effort in production can be the difference between gathering customers and looking like an amateur.

4 thoughts on “Production values matter

  1. Great post Steve. I agree totally with you. At the moment for my own app my videos are quite poor too, but since the app is improving so quickly, I haven’t put a lot of effort in to production value because I know I’m going to have to redo them soon anyway.

    Also there is a lot to be said for practice for things like podcasts and screencasts as well. (At least for me!)

  2. Steve,
    Excellent point. The thrill of amateur media is more for the creator and their friends, the audience for that type of content is limited and not what grows a business. It’s a great training ground for initial creativity but not what anyone should aspire to as a medium.

    Quality content, creatively designed and written is what lasts and gets people’s attention for more than one quick view.

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