Insights for Entreprenuers

Yesterday I caught up with Fiona Boyd who is an incredibly successful internet entrepreneur who started and sold

She gave me some great insights into entrepreneurship and here are some of the sound bites I was so compelled with I had to write them down.

“When asking for input into your business or startup, never ask for more that 2 pieces of advice. Ask them for advice which is both perceptual and low cost.”

‘Think about your business in terms of the sequence of events. This is more important than the model itself.”

“The right words, in a certain order, make people do stuff.”

“Free creates lose caboose behavior. Think of your business like a nightclub. Free entry makes us feel as though what’s inside isn’t as valuable as when there is a cover charge.”

‘What can you do to bring the money forward? It might be as easy as asking your customers.”

‘What are the steps to money? How can you reduce the number of steps?”

Absolute gold as far as startup blog is concerned. Fiona has also written a book called ‘Niche Content Millionaire’ which I’m guessing (I haven’t read it yet) is full of awesome ideas…. simply because she has the runs on the board and has done it.

Startup blog says: Only take advice from those who have the done what they espouse.


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  1. Fiona Boyd

    Thanks for this Steve. Actually it was really amazing being able to sit down with you and just chat start-up nuts and bolts. It was pretty wild how solutions and ways of thinking just kept coming back to me. I love that sort of stuff – got a start-up who needs some help figuring things out – just send them my way? Our blog at has my email if anyone wants a bit of startup tlc and encouragement. Love what you’re doing at Rentoid!

  2. Sharon Wilson

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