Tactics vs strategy

In startup land the tactics we employ are far more important than our total business strategy. They are more important for one simple reason:

Tactics are short term. Strategy is long term.

Our goal as entrepreneurs in the short term is to get to the long term. To think, to invent, to create to build and ultimately to survive. If we survive long enough our we’ll be able to test our strategy in market.

Strategy is the domain of large companies who have revenue and time. In the world of the startup we must be tactically superior to get a chance to play in market. Often the tactics are not as the strategy intends. But unless we progress and gain momentum. The ultimate strategy will never see it’s place in market.

The lesson for startups is simple. Our tactics give us a chance at being straetgic in the long run.

2 thoughts on “Tactics vs strategy

  1. Absolutely agree on your points. Though, the tactics are useful for short term gain but it has to be well aligned with long term strategic goal. Rather, we can split strategy into multiple parts and define the different tactics for different situations.

    Hope you agree with this.

    Vikash nGupta

  2. I completely agree as well, and so often people get the two confused. A great long term strategy will never get you anywhere if you don’t employ the right tactics now, similarly great tactics now will keep you busy, but get you nowhere good without a solid long term strategy.

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