Social media – Numbers are irrelevant

I saw this little 1 minute video from Seth Godin (Who I used to worship, and now just ‘like’) and had to post it here. Be sure to read my comments below the video.


Why the numbers are irrelevant to me….

  • My blog has few promotional elements on it (they’ll find me if I deserve it)
  • I only follow people on twitter I know. I want a conversation. Mind you if you @sammartino at some point I will follow you…. yes I’m interested in conversation.
  • Quantity loses to quality every time. Scores are misleading. Numbers are pointless.
  • Yes you can meet people on line and then create strong physical friendships. I have many times.

In summary I’d say this. If it doesn’t make sense in the real world (physical life) then there’s a good chance it doesn’t make sense on line. In ‘real life’, that is our off line life we think of our friendships and even business contacts in terms of quality. We don’t go around trying to make 1000 friends and wear a t-shirt that says ‘I have 1000 friends’. Rather, we prefer to have strong meaningful relationships which are one on one. Where both parties benefit. We don’t have a list in spread sheet with the people we’ve met. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?

Startups should be using social media to build relationships – not gathering numbers.

From now on I’ve changed my twitter link below on my blog posts. Can you see the change?

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1 Comment Social media – Numbers are irrelevant

  1. Josh Moore


    I agree with this post 100%. I have recently deleted about 20% of my facebook following, and only follow people on twitter that 1: I know or 2: Add value and provide insight into topics I want to know more about.

    Less is the new more. Irrespective of religion, one only needs to look at the results of Christianity to see this. Jesus himself only picked twelve disciples but the the fact that Christianity exists today is testimony to the amount of work those twelve completed.

    Another thing to remember is the effect that numbers has. More money results in more hassles, more employees and revenue results in a company being less adaptable to change, more debt results in less freedom, more followers requires more frequent posting to meet demand, etc. As entrepreneurs, less is sometimes more desirable to ensure that one is able to change quickly to meet new and arising market situations and demands.

    Keep up the great work Steve!

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