New distribution points

One of my favourite marketing strategies is this:

A new distribution point.

The thing that is cool about this is that we don’t need to worry about whether there is demand for the product or service (the idea is to pick a category which is hot) Rather just to ensure expanded availability creates value.

Been Squeeze are on the coffee wagon.

Drive Coffee - Been Squeeze

When I first read about Coffee Drive in’s via Springwise I was a bit skeptical. But I’ve found it to be just the ticket while I’m driving down the coast for a surf. And every time I go there it’s quite busy.

Here’s what’s exactly the same with Been Squeeze and any other espresso coffee retailers:

– the coffee taste

– the price points

– the packaging

– The promotion (based on high traffic location )

Here’s whats different – the way & where you buy the coffee. So what this does for a startup is reduce strategic complexity because the ‘coffee model’ is proven. Demand for coffee exists – they are just leveraging it further. Ther are no prizes for originality in business – just making for making cool stuff and making profits.

The real kicker for me is their service which is very friendly – more like a cafe than a McDonalds. In fact on my last visit on Saturday than even asked for my other coffee cup from the previous day to put in the trash for me. And now I am talking about it.


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