We are born

On this earth…

we are all born as creative

we are all born as emotional

we are all born as caring

we are all born as compassionate

we are all born as inquisitve

we are all born as adventurers

we are all born as ‘entrepreneurs’


Our world tries as hard as it can to hide these ‘in built’ features from us. It scares us, no ‘scars us’ into ignoring our given instincts.

We ‘as entrepreneurs’ must do everything we can to get them back. To be as nature intended.


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  1. donf

    i have the same picture on my desktop as wallpaper so i asked myself having worked for over 4 years if this time i could find someone who could be interested in an internet based security system that as they say”could and will change the world”
    i am based in Ecuador and it has been hard to talk to the right people.
    is anybody out there???
    i am fully ready w working mode l1.o domain, provisional patent, manuals and b plan.
    please contact me
    [email protected]

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