Quirky facts & contingency plans

Here’s a surprising, actually not so surprising business fact:

The IRS (USA tax department) tax manual has instructions for collecting taxes after a nuclear war!

Wow – that is some heavy contingency planning. Even a bit over the top….


Although I’m not a huge fan for planning, in startup land it’s still worth having a back up plan if things really go astray. Contingency plans for things like running low on cash, losing interest in your startup, or falling out of love with your business partner. Don’t obsess over it, just have some written ideas of how you’ll deal with it, if it happens.


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  1. samotage

    Death AND Taxes… Even he can’t be killed by M.A.D. I wonder if the Soviets ever knew this?

    who recalls the end of that period.

  2. Joel Brown

    What i find so surprising is the real divide on the backup plan or not. While i know some people that plan every back-up solution to the n’th degree, there are also quite a large number that i find do not want to consider it and refuse to plan for anything but succeeding. However it is also interesting to note that i do not think anyone i know would have done any better whether they planned the back-up plan or not.

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