Make your sentences short

We need to make our sentences as short as possible when trying to engage anyone that matters in a business. Investors, customers, retailers.

So our short sentences should appear in our pitch, our copy writing and our video communication

So how could I possibly make this sentence any shorter than it is?

How could I make this sentence any shorter?

Could I make this sentence shorter?

Could I make this shorter?

This is shorter still.


5 Comments Make your sentences short

  1. mikeboyd

    Ah! To be succinct is imperative in business and in life!

    I no longer meet one colleague for regular brainstorming sessions over coffee because they’re simply too drawn out.

    My time is my most valuable asset. If I choose to spend it with you, please don’t waste it.

  2. Joel Brown

    I was just hit the other day with a similar comment, when i was talking about the length of posts and the ease that i was writing some of my posts, they said i should spend more time looking at the posts and cutting them back a little to take out the filler stuff.

    I had never really thought about it before but this is the second piece i have seen now that has it on my mind.

  3. Andre Sammartino

    I am constantly having “discussions” with my students about assignment word limits (i.e. “Can I exceeed them?”). I am notorious for setting short assignments – as little as 500 words. My point to them is that this what happens in the real world. You must make your point concisely or your audience will wander off (and you MUST follow instructions).

    Of course, I completely ignore this advice on my own blog 🙂

  4. mikeboyd

    Haha thanks Steve! 🙂

    No in actual fact I have begun trying to take a leaf out of Startup Blog’s formatting by making short but effective posts on my own blog. I do tend to get carried away at times and it’s something that I’m still working on.

    I stopped and asked myself one day what sort of blogs and blog posts I like to read often and it’s blogs like this one that I know I can quickly read one or two posts in a couple of minutes and get back to what I was doing. Blogs with big long posts put me off before I even start reading or I give up before reaching the end.

    And here I am making a long comment!! Ahhh one day I’ll learn…

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