2nd worst shop front of all time

I took this pic of this shop front / side in my local neighbourhood. It’s easy to see when you drive past.


Startup blog prize (free book) for anyone who can tell me what they do without calling the number (or knowing someone who works there / digging around).

I’m all for single minded simplicity, but if we are going to go to the effort to paint the brand and phone number, it’s also handy to have a tag line which tells people what we do.

Steve – rentoid.com

10 Comments 2nd worst shop front of all time

  1. Prabhu hari

    Well , some crowd sourcing company ?? Crowd sourcing / crowd funding / collaborative or partnered stuff??? Hex – something 2 do with the bees??? So… something 2 do Collective work force .. or even “social networking” stuff ??

  2. Steve Sammartino

    Some good guesses all round.. and this has clearly dragged on enough….

    They work in IT Solutions. Fixing up peoples computers at home and for small business.

    I would never have known if I didn’t go in and ask. How many people wonder this but never ask…. In fact they could have even got some business from ‘me’ on occasions.

    Proves awareness matters a lot in the early days of any business.

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