Today’s task is boring, even hateful. Doing invoices. As with all great ironies, this ought be a task we revere look forward to and basically enjoy. ‘Payment’.

Given we often forget the important stuff we all know. I sometimes write a reminder and stick it to my office wall.

Here’s my pic: (Art’s never been a strong point)


Yep, I’m reminding myeslf that this somewhat laborious task is actually a cause for celebration, the celebration of hard work as we collect our earnings.

Startups struggling with boring stuff – remind yourself why it’s important!

Steve – founder

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  1. Scott Carpenter

    It’s the boring and unglamorous tasks that keep the business ticking. To stretch the example I think of all the activities Brisbane City Council undertakes, such as the Riverfestival ( ).

    This is a very high profile event and brings together over 1 million people. Compare this to rubbish collection each week – nowhere near as exciting or cool. However consider the impact of not running the Riverfestival, to not collecting the rubbish for a few weeks. I’d rather skip the festival.

    I for one love creating invoices, but there may be slight touch of bias. 🙂

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