Trophy Ideas

Trophy Ideas shouldn’t be your first attempt at a start up.

Definition: Highly original and ‘expensive’ business concept which could change the behaviour of consumers, business or the world and make you rich in the process.

Trophy ideas are typically capital intensive and have long lead times to get up. They usually involve external capital. They’re often the domain of inventors. The reason that trophy ideas are onerous is that they don’t succeed very often and they take up the two most valuable tools we have, time and money, and lots of it. Sometimes people dedicate large portions of their life to trophy ideas. But we only ever here about the successful ones. An example might be the Dyson vacuum.

Here’s some startup blog advice if you want to go for a trophy idea. Do it after you’ve had some smaller successes first. Do it when you already have passive cash flow from another startup, business or investments. We should all pursue things that are worth doing, the trick is knowing the right time to chase them.

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  1. Dr Wright

    I new business owners have no clue that their idea is a TROPHY IDEA. They think its just something really cool that will make them lots of money if they can ever figure how to get it off the ground.

    There should be some sort of Trophy Idea test.

    Dr. Wright
    The Wright Place TV Show

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