Mistakes are your friend

When things are going well – know one ever asks any questions. Whether it’s school work, your job, your business or startup. People don’t ask analyse how they got there. They’re just glad they are.

What this means is very important for entrepreneurs:

It is possible for things to work and not know why they did. Especially if it’s our first shot at it.

Sure, we may have had a strategy, plan or even defined tactics – but they may have nothing to do with the success we achieved.

photo by Aviva

This is why mistakes are rad. It’ easy to find out where things went wrong. It’s as simple as crossing that idea off the list and moving onto the next one. We learn from mistakes, rarely success. In addition they teach us important entrepreneurial habits like tenacity. Making them also means we are not suffering from inertia.

The best days for entrepreneurs are the ones when we make the most mistakes.

How many mistakes did you make today?

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  1. asblumberg

    I made so many mistakes with my business. The important thing is to recognize them and determine how to avoid them in the future. I’m actually trying to now build a consulting practice strictly to help other small business owners to NOT make the same mistakes I made. Oddly enough, I know I’ll make mistakes in this new business, but I’m looking forward to them. It will allow me to hone my skills even further.

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