Want to be wealthy?

Well, why not behave the same way in which wealthy countries do. It’s a very simple formula:

Invest in health care & education.

The 3 wealthiest countries in the world by GDP per capita – Luxembourg, Norway & Switzerland, have outstanding healthcare and education systems which are largely government funded.

The two most valuable assets you can ever have are your health and education. If we’re healthy we can do anything. If we educate ourselves, we can always find ways to generate income.

For those about to argue about about wealth not being ‘economic’…then please refer again to what these countries invest in. Financial wealth is the outcome, not the driver.

3 Comments Want to be wealthy?

  1. alpaka

    Yes but healthier more educated people tend to achieve both economic wealth and spiritual wealth much easier than sickly and uneducated people. Therefore you theory works for both economic and spiritual wealth. It’s the week of society that create crutches, such as religion, to compensate for being poor, or sick, and that their lives have some higher purpose since this one is shot to hell.

  2. May

    Spot on steve! The U.S has a lot to learn….look at the education and especially the healthcare system……*shakes head*

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