Many entrepreneurs start their careers working for big business. I did. There are many things you can learn from big business. One of which is Critical Thinking – the ability to analyse a set of circumstances and make a commercial decision.

Every start up has gaps. Gaps in strategy, gaps in the launch campaign and gaps in financing the venture. Gaps that would usually be criticized in large conglomerate X during a Critical Thinking session.

If you want to get your business off the ground you must Unlearn some things. Critical Thinking is one of them. What you need is Complimentary Thinking. Pointing out the good and building on the parts that will work.

You need a form of thinking to build on what you have, not the type of thinking that leads to finding a reason not to do something. This is really one of the differences between being a Marketer and an Entrepreneur.

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  1. Tom Derrett

    I to started my career with a large multi-national company that was focused on exactly what you wrote.

    I will take your advice and apply it to my every day thoughts about growing our business.



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